Research has been completed on the top preforming fibers in the market. The Lisport wear testing was conducted at Penn State’s Center for Sports Surface Research, University Park, PA. All samples were exposed to a total of 30,000 cycles on a Lisport wear tester.





2011           PSU Center for Sports           Surface Research Synthetic Turf Fiber Wear Test – Progress Report    Read It Here  

Testing Procedure

The test was designed to match similar wear testers commonly used for FIFA testing. The machine consists of two studded rollers. The "Studded Rollers" simulate cleats wear on fields. As the rollers move across the surface of the turf, they produce a similar wear pattern to that of cleated shoes worn by field users. Additionally, the rollers move at slightly different speeds, allowing for a sliding movement of one of the rollers. This allows for a more accurate representation of athletes wear on fields.